New Edition Constructions focuses on quality workmanship that transforms your outdoor area. 



A paving finish brings out the best in any space adding a softer feel. With a variety of design types, colours & materials your tastes can be easily matched. 



From turf, to retaining walls to choosing the right plants, we can plan for, supply and create the perfect environment for your garden space. 



For that modern touch that's affordable & effective, concreting provides versatility and ease for any job.  

For any size space and all outdoor work. 


We work with any outdoor space, whether big or small. Consider us when thinking about the construction of your space or even for some friendly advice. We are always happy to help and share our many years of experience. 


It all begins with a plan. 


New Edition Construction works with you to design a great outdoor experience. Take advantage of our wealth of experience and great supplier rates. 


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